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Beijing Dingsheng Electromechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales. The company's main products are electric wild boar hunters, wild boar hunters, wild boar hunters, wild boar hunters and other varieties.

Through nearly 20 years of research and development, relying on strong technical force, strict quality management, advanced manufacturing equipment, excellence in manufacturing process and good reputation, it has won the dependence and welcome of new and old customers. The products sell well in all provinces, cities and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and are well received by new and old customers, and enjoy a high reputation in the same industry!

At the starting point of the new economy in the 21st century, we strive to continuously improve the deepening of management concepts, adhere to the market as the guide, marketing as the center, integrity-based, and healthy business. We have always actively implemented the global business strategy of taking root in China, going abroad, and moving towards the world. Achieve human-centered interpersonal communication, work standards based on precision, strengthen learning, and comprehensively improve the quality of employees. We are striding forward on the road of diversified development based on the main business.

"Quality creates the brand, integrity wins the future". Integrity is the concept of "Ding Sheng" and quality is the basic purpose of "Ding Sheng". We sincerely welcome and thank customers from all walks of life for purchasing and distributing our products. We look forward to sailing with you to create a wider business and doing our best to enable you to gain greater opportunities for expansion through cooperation. If you shine, We can also share a light. Here, we ask users from all walks of life

Solemnly promise quality assurance: We are responsible for the quality of the product, please rest assured.

Now we introduce the ISO9001 management mechanism, strengthen and improve our management level, use advanced and perfect management mechanism, fast and accurate information resources, effective design capabilities and production capabilities, and smooth sales links and technical support, great service in Users make us walk in the forefront of the information industry.

The company has a strong, high-quality development research team. "Credit first, service first" dedicated to strive for the greatest market benefits for customers, establish an honest and trustworthy partnership with customers, interdependence, and jointly develop the purchase of machines nationwide for cash on delivery, when the goods arrive directly to the postman Safe and time-saving! Dingsheng company is willing to cooperate with colleagues and people of insight to launch more and better products to serve the community.

Dingsheng Ultrasonic Fishing Machine introduced the latest ultrasonic integrated circuit technology and imported components from the United States. After careful research by our company's senior electronic technicians, combined with China's salty and fresh water quality and experimental success, it produced ultra-long and ultra-wide acoustic fishing machines. There are mainly 16 series to 220 series fishing machines, field effect 500W, field effect 800W, scaleless fish catcher and other series. The production and management brands include Shengke, Dahai, Ante, Xiongfeng, Eagle, Seamaster, Jiangyang, etc.

The working principle of the ultrasonic fishing machine is: use ultrasound to stun the heart and brain nerves of all cold-blooded animals in water such as fish and tadpoles, and stun hypoxia. After being stunned, it will surface for arbitrary fishing (resurrection after 5 minutes), catching big and keeping small, without affecting reproduction, it is absolutely safe for humans and warm-blooded animals. The advent of this machine will completely replace the various fishing equipment flowing in the domestic market. After many experiments in large reservoirs and rivers, and it has been invited to try by professional fishing teams, the effect is very satisfactory. The floating fish rate basically reaches 100%. Regardless of water quality, fish species, fast floating fish, protection of resources and other characteristics. Suitable for reservoir, seaside, lake, river, fish pond and other operations. It is a good tool for individuals to generate income from fast fishing.

The products are driven by 12V battery DC power, which is driven by the electronic ultrasonic emission of this machine. It can work for 12 hours every 6 hours of charging, which has greatly different advantages from the platinum-light fishing engines, diesel engines and various domestic fishing machines that are currently on the market. The function of high-power fishing machine is far more than ten times higher than that of diesel engine and various domestic fishing machines. Various models can automatically adjust the voltage and current according to the depth of the water pressure under pressure (belonging to a dual-use product). After long-term use of this machine, our company can use it in complex waters and deep waters. The effect is particularly significant. The fish farm can be sold as much as it is caught, and the catch can be kept small without affecting the growth of fish. No nets are required for fishing, saving time and effort.

If there are reservoirs, lakes, and rivers in your land, you can recover the machine money on the same day, and the land with rich resources can earn more than 2,000 yuan a day.

The professional manufacturer of fishing equipment-ultrasonic fishing machine, ultrasonic fishing device, electronic fishing device, electronic fishing machine, fishing machine, fish finder, all in Dingsheng Electromechanical.

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