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What to watch out for when using a boar trap

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We usually see in the news that some mountainous areas or mulberry fields have been violated by wild boars. Many farmers have been deeply confused by wild boars. Many people have started discussing the wild boar harvesting machinery. He has improved it step by step. Now The design of wild boar catcher is advanced, and it is simple and easy to carry. It is also cherished by many people who capture wild boar as wild game and sell and sell. However, in recent years, there have been many injuries to wild boar catcher. The incidents were all formed by manual manipulation. So what precautions do we need to be careful of while using these boar traps!

If the owner of the wild boar catches the wild boar through his high-voltage electric shock, and this type of high voltage is unacceptable to us mortals, once it is hit by the high voltage, it is easy for us to lose our lives, so while we are using machinery, Do not use an electric pen to measure its voltage.In addition, you may wish to implement a discharge farther away from the machine.If you get too close, not only the chip of the fuselage will be damaged, but it may also pose a risk to the human body.

Secondly, when cleaning the captured prey, we must remember to turn off the power first. Often, many events occur when we do not touch the power when we cut the power, and we want to pull out the captured wild boar. There will be a power incident if accidentally occurred, which has a great potential safety hazard. We can only cut off the power supply and use a device with an insulated handle to discharge the wire from the land to make the boar trap itself no longer Charge it before you organize your prey to prevent electric shock.

Because the boar trap is a kind of machine with a high voltage transmission, it may be necessary to have a professional to implement guarding and operation.Because of the high voltage factors, people with heart disease and high blood pressure still have children, although they should not use it. When using the boar catcher, you must carefully read its operation manual and the notes on the remarks above, and be careful to prevent the occurrence of the incident.

Before using the equipment, the staff must first perform inspections on its power supply equipment. Only when the power supply equipment is mechanically intact and can perform normal operation can the power be turned on. This can not only increase the probability of capture, but also protect people's safety. It is guaranteed, once you find a problem, you must cut off the power immediately to prevent direct touch, so as to avoid high voltage from forming an electric shock to the human body. After using the equipment, you must organize the equipment, clean up and clean it up, and make it easy for the next time. Regularly organizing and caring for the machine is also an important way to prevent sudden occurrences.

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